Artist Profile

Yoichi Takaya




Tumagoi vila
1929 Born in Osaka, Japan
1955 Learned at Osaka City Art Institute for years
  Group shows with young artists, Kansai Heiwa exibition, Japnan Indépendant exibition, One-person shows
1967 Moved to Tokyo, Recieved a new face prize at the Daichowa exibition and Recommended for membership next year
1978 One-person show at the ODAKYU depatment store
1985 Blonze prize at Academy Lutes in Paris (Later Silver prize and Gold prize)
  One-person shows in Tokyo and Osaka every years
  Printed in the art magazine "Ichimai no E"
1987 Opened the new studio in Tsumagoi village.
Now A member of Daichiwa, Rekisei-bijustu, Tokorozawa City Art Uion

40,000 yen per F/P numbers (including a frame)
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