ART FIELD TOKYO Studio Course Open Stuio & Middle & Final Exhibition -Box-
3331 ARTS CHIYODA, B104, Tokyo, 2011

"ARTS FIELD TOKYO" is the schooling program of 3331 Arts Chiyoda
and the new " Stuidio Course" since December, 2010 supports the artists who enthusiastically@create art works.
This is the open studio, middle & final exhibition by the members of the inaugural course.

Tomo Matsuoka, Shisei Hashimura,Toshifumi Watanabe, , Hikari Fujishiro, Kozaburo Sakamoto, Yuki Taguchi, Mum Takayasu, Ujin Matsuo

Middle Exhibition Installation View

Final Exhibition Installation View

Transition Stage(Work in progress)
Acrylic, Cray-pas, Cokored Pencil on Canvas
1625mm X 1625mm

Robot in Love
Acrylic, Cray-pas, Colored Pencil on Paper
1030mm X 730mm

Middle Exhibition view slide show

photos by Ujin Matsuo