No. artist title format description artwork stock
MR 001 Antracot Deep Sea cdr

limited 24 copies, german power electronics

sold out
MR 002 Antable Remix Of Deep Sea cdr added sounds and remixed track from cdr "deep sea" by Ichiro Tsuji,
style is abstract with some hard noise.
normal edition lim. 24copies
special edition lim. 12 copies
(2 cdr(remix track cdr and original track cdr) in synthetic leather bag )
sold out
MR 003 Angel Of Decay Implements cdr

this work is heavy dark electronics of Jonathan Canady.
Originally released in 2003 as a demo limited to 25 copies.
this cdr was re-mastered and included a bonus track(remix) by Ichiro Tsuji
normal edition lim. 24 copies, special edition lim. 6 copies
special edition cdr included 2 bonus tracks ! and synthetic leather bag

sold out
MR 004 Atrox 100.000 Knives cdr

limited 24 copies, german noise-industrial, 6 copies were made by synthetic leather bag.

sold out
MR 005 Errare Humanum Est Brightness Of The Darkmatter cdr

limited 24 copies, german harsh noise with progressive composition.

sold out
MR 006 Syncope Alternative 3 cdr

limited 24 copies, breakcore-industrial from Austria.

sold out
MR 007 Maurizio Bianchi Dark Plastic cdr

famous and great composer from Italy.
this work is original tracks from work "Ankoku Busshitsu".
normal edition limited 40 copies,box set 10 copies.
this release included A4 poster,pin badge and artist autograph with cdr.

MR 008 Sacher-Pelz Salz Her Pec cdr

Sacher-Pelz is side project from great composer Maurizio Bianchi.
first edition is 34 copies. (black color of dvd slim case)
second edition is 16 copies. (clear color of dvd slim case)

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