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Thanks to Contributors

Many people have written to me about Simredo, reporting errors, offering suggestions and encouragement. Sincere thanks to all correspondents.

Although I can't thank each correspondent individually, I should at least mention those who contributed program code, key maps, or translations.

Special thanks are due to V S Rawat, who provided the Hindi translation, wrote the 'Show Keyboard' feature, helped to improve the 'Conversion Table' feature, made key maps for several Indian languages, and contributed many useful ideas.

Sincere thanks to: Surekha Sastry and Srinivasa Raghavan, who contributed their ISCII and WX conversion algorithms; Navaneetha Krishnan, who contributed the Undo/Redo feature; Thomas Cordonnier, who provided the French translation; Alex Charos, who translated the interface to Greek, and contributed the start-up progress indicator; Michael Wolf, who contributed the Upper Sorbian (Wendish, Lusatian) translation; and Jaroslav, who improved the SaveConvert-dialogue.

Thanks to the following people who designed or helped to design key maps: James Kass, Michael Wettstein, Christophe Foucher, Altantsetseg Myagmar, Hooman Baradaran, Yenovk Lazian, Michal Strelec, Pavan Burbure, Taye Daniel, Joseph Vangsy, Pradeep Parashar, Jaroslav.

Thank you all for helping to make Simredo a better program.

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