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Styled Text and RTF

Before version 4, Simredo could edit only simple text files, that is, files which contain no style information (font, font size, boldness etc.). Simredo now has limited support for Rich Text Format (RTF), which defines styled text.

Simredo 3 had pull-down menus for setting the font and font size, but the chosen font and size were only valid within Simredo; they weren't saved in the file itself. Also, only one font and font size could be set. If you selected font size 16, all characters in the text would be displayed in font size 16.

In Simredo 4, the pull-down menus function differently. When you select a new font or font size, it doesn't change the entire text. The change applies to new characters typed from the position where the cursor is located.

For example, consider the screen shot below: the user typed 'Odi et amo,' with the SansSerif font, size 24. Then the user set the font to Serif, size 20, and continued typing.

In order to change the style of characters which have already been typed, first select (highlight) the text to be changed, then select a new font or font size. (There are two ways to highlight text. You can use the arrow keys to move the cursor while holding the Shift key down, or you can drag the cursor with the mouse, while holding the left mouse button down.)

The pull-down menus automatically update to show the style at the position where the cursor is located. Referring to the above screen shot, if you clicked on the word 'amo', the menus would display SansSerif / 24. If you then clicked on 'quare', they would change back to Serif / 20.

Simredo has toolbar buttons for colour, boldness, italics, and underline. These styles are applied in the same way as font and font size. In the above screen shot, the user highlighted the word 'Nescio', then clicked on the bold and the italic buttons.

If you want to apply a change to all the characters in a text, first select the entire text by typing Ctrl‑a, or clicking on the 'Select All' button (shown at right). Then apply the change.

Finally, please remember the following points:

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