Simredo is a free Java Unicode editor. Its features include:

  • easy installation for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X
  • limited support for styled text documents (RTF-format)
  • the ability to convert over 100 encodings to and from Unicode
  • a flexible key map feature, for redefining the keyboard layout
  • support for right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Persian, etc.
  • interface in English, Esperanto, French, Greek, Hindi or Sorbian
  • a spell checker for English, Esperanto and Latin
  • an encryption function
New in version 4.8: Improved spell check dictionary for Esperanto, clear button for search dialogues, function to quickly convert the character encoding of many files. (See Enhancements.)

Interface Language
Styled Text / RTF
File Functions
Edit Functions
Character Set
Key Maps
Spell Checker
Command Line
Fast Conversion

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Rights and Responsibilities

I'm distributing Simredo and its source code free of charge, without conditions, and without guarantees. You may use and change it as you wish. If you use Simredo's code in your own project, I request only that you acknowledge the source and mention my name (Klivo).

I believe that Simredo is reliable, but I can't guarantee that. If you edit an important document, please save a copy to protect your work.

Please inform me of any bugs in Simredo. I will happily accept suggestions and criticism.

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July 2018