Requirements for Simredo 4.8

Java Runtime Environment

Simredo is a Java program, which means that it needs the Java Runtime Environment (abbreviated as JRE or J2RE) in order to run. Simredo 4.8 requires JRE version 1.6 or higher.

To find out what version your system has, or if it has Java at all, open a Command Line Interface, and enter the command shown below. (In Windows, the CLI is called 'Command Prompt' and is located in the Start menu under Accessories. In Linux/Gnome, it's called 'Terminal' and located under 'System Tools'.)

java ‑version

If you get a 'command not found' message, or your version is less than 1.6, you will need to install the latest JRE. For Windows and Mac users, it's quite easy. Go to and click on 'Free Java Download'.

Linux users can also get the JRE from, but installation requires a bit more work. There is a short explanation of how to install Java in a Linux system here.