Enhancements in Version 4.8

The Esperanto Spellchecker has a new function, which enables the user to quickly and easily add words into the spell check dictionary. Details are here.

The search dialogue has a new button (x in a red circle) for quickly clearing the text.

There's a new function to quickly and easily convert the character encoding of files in a folder. Details are here.

Enhancements in Version 4.7

Simredo now displays the cursor's line number at the top right, next to the keymap menu.

The Search/Replace function has an icon in the tool bar. Also, up to four Search/Replace dialogues can be opened. (Click on the icon a second, third and fourth time.)

The Search/Replace dialogue has a new button, a double headed arrow. Pressing this button switches the text in the Old and New text fields, so that changes can be reversed easily.

It is no longer necessary to install the spelling dictionaries. They are included in Simredo's install program.

The installer has been improved: it can handle newer and older versions of Mac OS X, and some problems with Linux have been corrected.

Enhancements in Version 4.6

Accelerator keys (Alt-f, etc.) for the menu bar . (Windows only.)

Better tool bar icons, with tool tips (pop-up descriptions).

The layout of the 'Character Set' dialog has been improved.

The Format Conversion dialog (here) now has a Cancel button.

Search Dialogs: There are now up to 4 search dialogs. Previously the maximum was 3. The display of text in the search field no longer depends on the selected font. (If the selected font does not contain kanji, the search field will nevertheless display kanji.)

In previous versions, when non-ASCII (eg. Japanese) styled text was cut from an outside document and pasted into Simredo, the characters were sometimes corrupted. Further, under Mac OS X, the pasted text was inserted at the end of the document. These problems have been corrected. All text pasted into Simredo is pasted as plain text.

The conversion function (in the Other menu) used to convert all text in a file. Now it converts selected text only. To convert an entire document, select all (Ctrl-a), and then convert. An exception is the EndOfLine conversion. This conversion converts the end of line codes for an entire document.

Installation on Windows: The Program Files folder on Windows 8 is protected, so the default installation folder has been changed to 'c:'. This can be changed, if the user has privileges.

Installation on Mac OS X: Simredo's icon now displays in the dock; the desktop alias has been replaced with SimLauncher. (SimLauncher is a tiny app, which can launch multiple instances of Simredo.)

Dehancements: Iran System conversion removed. Reverse function removed.

Enhancements in Version 4.3

When running under Mac OS X, the previous version of Simredo could only be activated once. In other words, only one instance of Simredo could be opened at a time. This problem has been resolved.

The Java TextPane has an annoying problem: when a line of text which ends with a new line code is over-written (paste function) with another line which also ends with a new line code, Java freezes for about two minutes. Simredo 4.3 has a solution for this: a character (#), is added to the end of the replacement text, and then deleted after the replacement.

Simredo now has a Latin spellcheck dictionary. It's far from perfect, but it will problably be enhanced in future versions. There is also a function to put macrons over long vowels. Open a Latin document, activate the Latin dictionary, and press F4.

Version 4.3 starts up much faster that 4.2.

Dehancement: The text-alignment buttons (left, centre, right) have been removed, because the RTF-EditorKit does not write out this information. I've always hoped that Java would improve its support for the RTF-format, but there doesn't seem to be an effort to do this.

Enhancements in Version 4.2

The most useful enhancement in version 4.2 is in the search function. By clicking on the binoculars, you can now open up to three search dialogues. This function is useful when you need to search for more than one word; it is no longer necessary to retype the words into the search dialogue (unless there are more than three.)

The toolbar now floats, as the screen shot above shows. By holding the left mouse button down while the arrow is over the 'handle' of the toolbar (marked by a blue oval), you can drag the toolbar to another side of the program window, and drop it in, or just leave it floating.

Simredo's installer has been enhanced to support Mac OS X. It creates a Macintosh style application program, and puts a symbolic link on the desktop.

The user interface has been translated into Sorbian (Wendish), a slavic language from eastern Germany.

Various dialogues have been improved, to make them easier to use, and there are two new keymaps: RT_devanagari kaj Russian2.

Enhancements in Version 4.1

Version 4.1 has a Greek interface, and two Greek keymaps; one for modern Greek, and one for Classical (polytonic) Greek.

The Amharic keymap has been corrected.

Enhancements in Version 4.0

The biggest enhancement in version 4 is support for styled text. Previous versions of Simredo could edit only simple text files, but Simredo 4 now supports Rich Text Format (RTF), which allows the user to define different fonts, colours and styles, within a document. (Please note, RTF support is still limited.)

The user interface has been translated to Hindi. Also, there are new conversion routines to convert between IISCI and Unicode, and new key map files for various Indian languages.

Simredo 4 has an easy to use install program, which extracts files and creates a symbolic link on the desktop. This program works in both Windows and GNU/Linux systems (with a KDE or Gnome interface).

The spell checking functionality has been improved. It's now possible for users to add their own words to the spelling dictionaries.

Several small improvements have been added: a function to display the keyboard layout, an Undo/Redo function, a progress bar for replacements and conversions, etc.