Online Status

There are two basic statuses for instant messaging clients: Online and Offline.

When a user is online, he or she might not respond to messages, for various reasons. Jabber clients recognize several substatuses, which clarify the user's status in more detail. These are explained in the table at left:

The statuses Away, Extended Away and Do Not Disturb do not prevent a user from receiving messages. If someone sends a message, the addressed user will receive it. These statuses simply explain why user is not responding.

Online - Let's chat.
Away - May return soon.
Extended Away - Gone for a while.
Do Not Disturb

In Merkuro's main menu, the second item is My Status. Select this item to display the Status dialogue (below).

Of course, this function can only be used when Merkuro is online.


The Status dialogue allows you to select a status and enter a message, which will be displayed to users who have subscribed to your account, i.e. have you in their contact lists.

The pull-down menu Previous holds several previous status messages. This will save you the trouble of retyping them.

Click on Send to set your status and status message. Quit closes the dialogue window without setting your status.