Interface Language

Merkuro's interface currently supports English, Esperanto and Finnish. (Sincere thanks to Teuvo Alavillamo, who translated to Finnish.) The programmer will gladly support other languages. (See below.)

When Merkuro starts up for the first time, it displays the dialogue shown at left. Select your preferred language and click on OK.

This language dialogue also appears when you select 'Choose Language' from the main menu (at right). If you change the interface language, Merkuro won't display the new language immediately. You must close the program and restart it to see the changes.

Please Translate

The programmer will gladly add new interface languages. If you want to translate Merkuro, please download the files and to your computer. An explanation of how to edit follows.

Add your language to the list of languages. To add French, for example:


Find the 3 letter ISO code for the language here. For French, the code is 'fra'.


Make a copy of each English line, and replace the prefix by the new code:

engFiledialog=Open File|Save Conversation in File|OK
epoFiledialog=Malfermu dosieron|Konservu konversacion en dosiero|Faru
finFiledialog=Avaa tiedosto|Tallenna keskustelu tiedostoon|Hyv\u00e4ksy
fraFiledialog=Open File|Save Conversation in File|OK

Translate the words and phrases of the new lines. is much simpler than It has only one line for each language.

When you finish translating the files, please send them to the programmer. (Address below.)

Many thanks,