Merkuro is an instant messaging client, a program which enables users to exchange text messages in real time. The communication can be between two persons, or several in a public or private 'chat room'.

Merkuro is a Jabber client; it communicates with messaging services using the open messaging protocol Jabber.


  • Merkuro aims to be easy to understand and use.
  • It works under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • It uses colours to distinguish chat room participants.
  • Chats can be saved to file, as simple text or rich text.
  • Interface languages: English, Esperanto, Finnish (Suomi)


Installation Contact List (Friend List)
Accounts Private Chat
Language Chat Rooms
Connecting Technical Notes


I am distributing Merkuro free of charge, without conditions and without guarantees.

Please write to me if you find problems with the program. I will happily accept advice and criticism. Also, I will support other languages, if I receive translations. (See: Please Translate.)

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August 2009