Contact List (Friend List)

A contact list is a list of addresses (Jabber identifiers) of friends and acquaintances, which shows their online statuses. Because contact lists are stored at the messaging service, they are independent of your computer and client program. (If you log into your messaging service from a different computer or with a different client program, your contact list will still be accessible.)

To display your contact list with Merkuro, select 'Contact List' from the main menu. A window will open up below the main program window.


The screen shot at left shows a contact list which has two groups, Family and Friends, with three contacts, Sis, Debora, and Noah.

The first symbol before each name indicates how status information (online, offline, etc.) is exchanged. Please refer to the table below.

You do not exchange status updates with the contact.
You receive status updates from the contact.
You send status updates to the contact.
You send and receive status updates from the contact.

The second symbol represents the status of the contact. For more details, move the cursor over the contact's name. After a second, a text box will appear, which give the status and a message, if there is one. In the screen shot at right, the status of Noah is 'Do Not Disturb' and the message is 'Gotta study'.

To start a text chat with someone in your contact list, just click on their name. A chat window will appear immediately.

How to add a new contact

The contact list window has it's own menu (at right). To add a new contact address, select 'Add Contact' The dialogue below will appear.

In the upper text fields, enter the user name and service name. (This is the Jabber identifier.) In the next fields, enter the real name of your contact (or, if you don't know that, the account name), and the group in which you wish to list him or her. (If you want to list the contact in more than one group, separate the group names with commas.)

Put a check mark beside 'Subscribe' to indicate that you want to receive status updates from the contact.

Click on 'Add' to add the new contact, or 'Close' to close the dialogue without adding the contact.

When someone subscribes to you

When someone subscribes to your status, Merkuro will announce this with the dialogue window shown at right.

With this dialogue, you can add the subscriber to your contact list, and subscribe to their online status.

How to remove a contact

It's simple to remove an address from your contact list. Select 'Delete Contact' from the menu. The dialogue shown at right will appear.

Select the contact address from the pull-down menu and click on 'Delete'.