Chat Rooms

In order to enable text conversations between more than two people, messaging services provide metaphorical 'conference rooms', or 'chat rooms'. Participants 'enter a room' to discuss some topic with other participants.

There are various kinds of chat room: some are permanent, others are temporary; some require a password, others not.

Below is a screen shot of the chat room .

How to Enter a Chat Room

First, you must connect and login to your messaging service. (See Connecting.) Next, choose the menu item 'Enter Chat Room' from the main menu. The dialogue window shown below will appear.

The first text field is for your nickname. This is the name which other chat room participants will see when you enter or post a message. You may choose any name, as long as another participant is not already using it.

The password is the password of the chat room, not your account. In the example below, the chat room does not require a password.

The conferencing service is, and the name of the chat room is 'esperanto'. The Jabber ID (JID) of this chat room is:

Please note: It's not necessary to have an account at to use the service It's also possible to use this service after logging into,, and other Jabber services.

List of Participants

The chat room window has its own menubar, shown at right.

The second item in the pull-down menu, 'Show Participants', displays the list of users who are currently in the chat room.

To start a private two-person chat with one of the participants, click on his or her name. Alternatively, you can use the third menu item 'Private Chat with...'.

How to Create a Chat Room

The sixth menu item in the main menu is 'Create Chat Room'. Select this item, and the dialogue shown at right will appear.

The first field is for your nickname, i.e., the name which other participants will see. It can be anything.

The second field is the name of the conferencing service:

The third field is for the name of the chat room.

If you want to limit entrance into your room, you can apply a password. Type the same password into the fields Password and Retyped PW. If you don't want a password, leave both fields blank.

Click on Create to create the room. If Merkuro succeeds in creating the room, a chat window will appear, in which you are the only participant.

Please note: It's also possible to create a chat room using the function 'Enter Chat Room'. When a user tries to enter a room which does not exist, the Jabber service will automatically create the room. In this case, the room is created without a password. To create a chat room which requires a password, you must use 'Create Chat Room'.

Sending Invitations to a Chat Room

The first item in the chat room window menu is 'Send Invitations'. Only the person who created the room has the privilege to use this function. Select it, and the dialogue window shown below will appear.

In the first field, you can enter a message. (This is not required.) In the second, enter a list of Jabber addresses, separated by commas.

Between the text fields is a pull-down menu. (See Noah.) Use this menu to enter addresses from your contact list.

Click on Send to send the invitation to all addresses in the list; click on Quit to close the window without sending the invitations.

When a user of Merkuro receives an invitation, the dialogue window shown below appears.

The upper field displays the host, the name of the room, and the message, if there is one. To accept an invitation, enter a nickname and click on Yes.

Please note: The invitation doesn't reveal the chat room's password. If you want the guest to know the password, put it in the invitation message.