Grafikilo 15 is a graphics editor, which is especially useful for putting labels and arrows on maps, or speech bubbles and thought clouds on photos.

Because Grafikilo 15 is a Java application, it will work in any operating system which has the Java Runtime Environment installed. It's been tested under Windows XP, GNU/Linux (Centos, Ubuntu), and Mac OS X.

New in version 1.2: It's now possible to include compound shapes within compound shapes.


How to Install
Image File Formats
A Brief Example
Text Boxes, Speech Balloons
Colours, Transparency
Delete and Copy
Zoom Function
Lost and Found
Rotation, Reflection
Another Example: Tracing
Compound Shapes
For Programmers
Example: Labels and arrows on a map.

I (Klivo) am distributing Grafikilo 15 free of charge, without conditions, and without guarantees. Questions and comments are welcomed.

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