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No Beane Name Tag Generation Authentication
Estimated Value
1 $ $
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numbers Cost Subtotal
Number of Hard case Full autheticated Beanies x$19 =$
Number of Soft case Full authenticated Beanies x$15 =$
Number of Economy authenticated Babies x$8 =$
Number of Soft case Full authenticated Buddies x$25 =$
Number os Economy authenticated Buddies x$12 =$
Shipping&handling with insurance $ $
Total $ $
The cost of this service is per Item.  If you do not request and pay for Insurance, none will be provided for the shipping.  Without insurance we will not be responsible for loss or damages during shipping.  If you are interested in  a  higher Insurance or signature confirmation please email Peggy Gallagher Asia   This form must be completed and enclosed with your Item(s). In order to consider your Item for authenticity the conditions of this service, as stated below, must have been read and fully understood . If you do not understand the service DO NOT send the Item.
for clarification and more information
*Peggy Gallagher Asia and Peggy Gallagher Enterprises can not be part of any transactions beyond examining the Item for the Sender.
After authentication, it is the responsibility of the Sender to complete any pending transactions made with other people
*About using of PayPal,We add the commission fee: (Those livin in Japan,can use a Yuucyo Bank transfer.)
*While every precaution has been taken, neither Peggy Gallagher Asia, Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc., nor Ty Inc. shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect of money directly influenced by the information provided with this service.
*In the event the Item sent in is not authentic, the sender is still responsible for paying the authenticity fee.
*Prggy Gallagher AsiaPeggy Gallagher, and Peggy Gallagher Enterprises can NOT and will NOT become involved in any disputes between sellers and buyers.
*This service only involves rendering an opinion as to whether the Item is authentic or not.
*This service will provide the Sender a statement of what is wrong with the Item to render it not authentic.
*Beyond this service it is up to the buyer and seller to resolve any disputes.
*Please ship Items to be authenticated in zip lock bags with tag protectors. Please do not send them in plastic cases.
*If you do not understand this or any other statements please email  before sending your Item(s).
* For questions regarding escrow service please email   (The escrow service is not carrying out in Peggy Gallagher Asia.)*Peggy Gallaghe rAsia, Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc. is not endorsed or affiliated with the Ty Company.
Please sign and date this form to confirm that you have read and understand the above statements
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Weight changes with the numbers of a hard case and a soft case.
We announce you a Sipping&Handling cost separately.
About insurance, A basic mailing cost has the guarantee to 20,000 yen.
The $0.5(50 yen) premium (additional charge) is needed for the price of a contents article every 20,000 yen.
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